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how to join

  • Contact us via phone or email to schedule your visit!
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We hope you will decide to become part of our CrossFit family!

If you have any questions, please contact us at (832) 429-3135 or email us at

Class Prices

Unlimited Visits

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3 Days a Week

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College Students (18-22 years old)


Senior Citizen Classes (60+)


We offer discounts for families, military, first responders and teachers. Contact us for more information.

STEP 1 – Schedule your FREE Introductory Consult!

Show up early to your first class so we can hold our introductory consultation.

Our introductory consults is a 10-15 minute conversation with a Coach in the gym. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, what your background and goals are, and what your health and fitness needs may be. In the beginning of our session we will find out what motivates you to want to be healthy and fit. We’ll discuss your goals and then talk about how we’re going to help you get there. 

STEP 2 – One on One Personal Fundamentals

After your free consultation, you will then start with our Personal Fundamentals Program. This begins first with a 2-day assessment period where our coaches will assess how you move, assess how well you can perform the common exercises included in our training program, and talk you through WHY it is important for us to move this way. Once we have established a baseline for where you are in your current fitness level, we’ll make a recommendation and a plan for your Personal  Program.

Through multiple one on one private training sessions we will instill competency in the numerous movements utilized in our group classes, teach you proper eating habits, and explain how to take care of your body for long term fitness success.

The fundamentals program will be individualized and tailored for YOU at YOUR own pace and progression. We are prepared for all learning styles and fitness levels. You DO NOT need to be in shape to start, you just need to be willing to show up, commit and comply to attain your health and fitness goals!

STEP 3 – Train For Life

Now that you’ve made the all important to decision to “get started” and have the tools from the Personal Fundamentals Program to train at a high level, what happens next? Our Group CrossFit program is designed grow your fitness in a systematic and intelligent manner. Our training is completed in specific cycles, is not random, and is designed with our members long term success in mind.